What the F is Hypnobirthing?

Day One Hundred- Hypnobirthing is a Revolution

March 18, 2021
Episode 100! I  wanted to make this episode special and so, in some ways it is a summary of my learnings, experiences and opinions of Hypnobirthing and in some ways, I expect this to be the start of a new conversation, and that’s really exciting!
This episode explores the idea that Hypnobirthing is a revolution. Which, I wholeheartedly, believe it is. Although the idea of people, particularly women, taking control of their birth is not a new idea... it’s one that has been clouded by the medical world over the last century.
Controversial as it may sound, many women have lost trust in their own bodies to birth and handing over all decisions and processes to the medical world has seemed the only way forward.
Hypnobirthing is changing that. Everyday, women are going into their births informed, in control and confident about birth!
But, is there a downside to this? Not women being in control of their own births- that’s incredible! But is there a downside to joining a revolution when your pregnant?
Is it the right time? Can it create anger, frustration? Distrust? Can it create guilt and even feelings of failure....
In this episode I explore the idea of Hypnobirthing as a revolution, it’s pros AND it’s possible cons...

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