What the F is Hypnobirthing?

Day Seventy- Two- Positive Birth Stories

November 8, 2019

A key teaching of Hypnobirthing is that we have to condition our minds to believe that birth is a positive experience; due to media and the narrative we have probably been told our whole lives, for most of us, this is a re-conditioning. And that is hard- especially when people are so obsessed with telling you their difficult birth stories. Now, do not get me wrong I believe every women has the right to share their story and for some women who have had a 'negative' experience, sharing is therapy for them which I get. But, while you are pregnant you, unfortunately, are not going to have the capacity to be this therapist. You, instead, need to focus on listening to and reading positive birth stories. What will surprise you is that so many positive birth stories have elements of special circumstances yet the women involved still sees the positive in the experience- most of the time because they felt safe & empowered; pretty incredible!

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